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Every website must be hosted on a server in order for people to access it. We provide cloud-based website hosting with a cPanel account for every client.  Additionally, we actively monitor our servers 24/7/365.  Because of this monitoring, our servers always running.  As a result, you will have full access to your website, files, and email at all times.

We actively monitor, update, and patch our servers.  Notably, this removes a lot of the hassle that comes with managing a website. As you may or may not know, the act of managing a server is technologically advanced and any wrong move can break the entire website, sometimes beyond repair. Forget about all of that hassle when you sign up with The Small Business Platform! Select an option below to get started.

Professional Website Hosting For An Affordable Price

We Monitor Our Servers 24/7/365

We monitor our servers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  As a result, your website will always be online and accessible by your customers! That’s our promise to you. Other hosting firms don’t proactively monitor or manage your server for you, and well we do! Because of this active monitoring, we add tremendous value to our hosting packages.  Consequently, we’ve removed the hassle for you so you can focus on running your business.

Competitive Pricing With More Value

Did you know GoDaddy’s Business Hosting sale price matches our regular price? Well it does (and you can verify that on their website here.) To put it simply, you get a better deal when you host with The Small Business Platform. Why? Because we actively monitor and manage the server for you.  This saves you countless hours of frustration learning it on your own.  Because managing a server is not easy for a beginner, let The Small Business Platform host your website for you!  Save yourself all that time and hassle.

Hosting With Defense In Depth

Because of the magnitude of the internet, server security is a multi-layered approach that requires consistent effort to be effective. Our security policies are continually researched and set up to “harden” our servers, this removes (or mitigates) the effects associated with well-known vulnerabilities, like: DoS and DDoS attacks, XSS, SQL injection, and DNS poisoning. In addition, we perform port monitoring, active firewall management, socket monitoring, full OS patching/updating, and much more!

Cloud Based Website Hosting

We provide Cloud Based Website Hosting with a cPanel account for every client. Our server resources are quickly expandable to meet any demand, even if its short lived.  Upon request, we can bulk up the capabilities of your server. Let us handle the website hosting hassle for you!

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