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Website Development

Websites That Work

Our goal is to make the website creation process the easiest you’ve ever experienced. In our design process, we will work with you to decide upon the right layout, color scheme, functionality, and purpose of your website. We develop your site to stay on brand to bring a consistent look for your clients. Review our website packages below to get started.

Our website development is divided into two categories:

Simple or Complex

Simple Website

Priced at $1,000
A “Simple Website” contains the following:

  • Home page with text and content about your business
  • About us page (or section) with your business information, address, phone number, etc.
  • Contact us page (or section) with a form to contact your business. The form will send to your email address when submitted.
  • Sign up page (or section) with a separate form to collect information from people that is relevant to your business relationship with them.
  • Services page with simple static content relevant to your business.
  • Plenty of photos/images either supplied by you or retrieved from a stock image repository.

Complex Website

Starting at $5,000
Also known as “Design By Contract”, a Complex Website contains the following:

  • Everything included with a simple website
  • Dynamic pages with content that can generate based on variables (ex. a blog or directory listing)
  • User, Timed or Location driven data and functionality
  • User Management allowing certain users to log in and interact with your website in a variety of ways
We will consult with you to determine a checklist of features.
The overall price is determined by the features, and the features must be established before we begin the build.