Frampton Purdy

Frampton Purdy is a Law Firm based out of Whitefish, MT.  They approached us needing a new website as theirs was outdated and out of style.  With this new look, the company wanted to display who they are so clients can relate to and become familiar with the company. 

We added many custom features including the drop down service items on the homepage. We also added a special flip side on the photos of the Attorneys at the request of the client.  Not only did we complete that, but we also designed a new logo, and customized the building to use on the website.  We had fun building this one.

Carlson’s Fabrication

A local welder and metal fabricator in Whitefish, MT, Carlson’s Fabrication came to us with just a business card.  From that business card, we were able to define a new brand to display what welder’s do best in a stunning new website.

This website development was chalked full of key features requested by the client. One of the major ones being the sticky left menu to display the company’s services at all times as the user scrolls down the page.  We also incorporated all the different metal fabrication that the client completes for his customers.

Kathryn Brann Inc.

When Kate Brann came to us requesting a new website, we took it as a perfect opportunity to create a new brand for Miss Brann.  We selected new colors and fonts to help display clear calls to action, and a visually appealing display.

As a new Accountant to Whitefish, MT, Kate was really looking at making her presence known in the marketplace, and this website was one of the first things she started to market her services.

This is a simple one page website with anchor tags hooking the menu items to their respective section. After adding special JavaScript handlers to smooth scroll to each section, the site was complete.  This website is clear about the offerings and target audience.